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Freightlin is a young man who stayed for about 3 years with us along with his brother Richard. He joined the Marines when he was 18 and was severely injured in Iraq, a brain injury from an IED.  He has almost completely recovered after a long battle and is working with his brother in Panama City, they do tile work and other carpentry.  He is married and has a family.


Taunton Family Children’s Home is one of the greatest places a kid in need of peace and guidance let alone love could and can be raised. It is a place to learn love, respect, kindness, DISCIPLINE, ownership, responsibilities and lastly what a family home life truly means.


It teaches you how to not feel sorry for yourself and blame others but how to turn anger and hurt into positive feelings and bring meaning to life. These are amazing people with no hidden agendas, with hearts as big as the Heaven’s sky. A place a foster kid like me could and can always call my first real home. Thank you for investing the time in me that you were allotted. Richard Cox and I are truly grateful!  --  Freightlin Cox

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