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Taunton Family Children's Home, Inc. is a privately owned haven for homeless children. It's mission is to provide a stable, loving, Christian home environment for those of God's children who have nowhere else to turn. Emphasis is placed on physical fitness, educational excellence, and the discovery and development of one's God-given potential.

Luke & Leola Taunton



TFCH is a dream come true—the dream of a welder with a third grade education and a heart full of love and compassion for children—the dream of Luke Taunton, David Taunton's father. With 10 children of his own, Luke was never able to see his vision through. Instead, he watched his vision come alive through his son.

David & Abigail Taunton



In 1974, David married Abigail, and together they set out to build Taunton Family Children's Home. With lots of help from relatives and friends, David and Abby floated logs from the surrounding cypress swamps, sawed them into lumber on the family sawmill and built a home with over 10,000 square feet of living space.

The most important goal is the spiritual well-being of each child. In 1978, the first child, Adam (meaning “the first of many”) was taken into the Home.  Then came Diana, James, Doug, Chris, Erica, Eddie, Billy and many, many more.  Over 300 children have called Taunton Family Children's Home their “Home”.

Now, other facilities have been built; including the Steve Watkins Memorial Home, the Homer House (a multipurpose mission home) the Emily Kemp Guest Cottage and an additional Guest Cottage, a Boys Home, the Heritage Putt Putt Golf Course, and a Residential Grandparents Home, where David and Abby now reside after 35 years as “houseparents”.

Take time to watch this video about the Taunton Family Children's Home and consider helping us change a child from the inside out because... "whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers & sisters of mine, you did for me." 
Matthew 25:40


Orin and Lisa Combs

Orin and Lisa Combs came to us as Houseparents in 1997, 25 years and 75 children later they are still putting their heart and soul into helping each child placed in their home to grow into the best person possible.  They continue to be an asset to Taunton Family Children's Home.

We Need Your Support Today.

There are many ways you can support the Taunton Family Children's Home and contribute to the lives of children.

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